Name is Bora.

Well, Erbora. But Bora for short. You know.. like Bora Bora? The beaches?
Okay, maybe not quite as beautiful, or nearly as beautiful for that matter, and breathtaking, and any other b-word necessary to capture the divinity of the beaches, but I do try to induce the mental association as often as I can ^.^



Beach. ;)

Beach. 😉

Anyway, little about me: hmm… first time blogger (thought that’s a good place to start in hopes of lowering expectations right off the bat); 26 years old; fresh out of University – took a few years off. Many years off actually; before every small event and little encounter pulled me back into my ascribed path, the way the laws of physics pull a boomerang to his (its?).

..or so I thought, “ascribed path”. Turns out, I’m still as confused about what I want to do with my life as I was before entering University; which is ironically what kept me from enrolling in the first place.


Showing nonno where I graduated (York University) on his visit from Italy.

So I decided to take a leap of faith (one that required no faith at all, actually, as there were many positive testimonies) and move to South Korea. Not quite “down the street”. But like I said, there were testimonies – friends, acquaintances, friends of acquaintances, *insert more play on words here*, all had nothing but positive feedback from their experiences in Korea.

Oh, and did i mention? My brother, sister-in-law, and sister all live there as well. Yeah… that was a bit of an incentive too. An extra cushion to soften the blow, if you will. And it’d be quite the blow indeed – leaving your environment of the past 13 years, along with everything you know, and move somewhere where no one speaks your language? And, worst still, where no one looks like you?!


Why does no one look like me!?

But I figured “hey, what else is new!”. In fact, if you have any affinity for math whatsoever, you may have already realized that there are 13 more years left unaddressed; missing from the equation. Well, that’s because before Canada (habitat preceding South Korea), I spent my years moving and adjusting to four different countries.

Yep. 4.

Well, the first was Albania and may not actually count, as I was born there. And the second, Greece, I was very young for, and thus able to adapt to immediately. But by the time my family and I moved to Italy I was pure Greek-Albanian, and yet it wasn’t before long that I also became authentically Italian.

Casa dolce casa.

Casa dolce casa.

And by the time we moved to Canada, although a tad bit older, adaptation and integration had become second nature for me. Needless to say English quickly became my new official language.
And the cold, my new home.



City that I love

City that I love

But my mother’s itch to be in constant climb of the do-what’s-best-for-your-children ladder and move to a brand new country – several times; alone; with three kids on her back – has inspired me to always strive for more. It has also served to instil in me a crazy passion for travelling.

So that’s how Korea happened.

And also how Barcelona happened. Where I integrated and adapted for a summer in order to get yet another language under my belt.

Korean, of course, is next on the list. But for now, I will stick to English so I can share my experiences of moving to a brand new world with you.

And hopefully getting some travels along the way…

Won't you tag along with me?

Won’t you tag along with me?


6 thoughts on “About

  1. YOU are such a wonderful human being and a very rare and special species!!!
    I look forward to your return so you can lighten up my days! (I know you think I’m joking.. But I’m serious 🙂 ❤ )


  2. wow; what an interesting life story. The Canadian part intrigued me into writing. Your generation fascinates me because we all had to go to university and then work without “discovering ourselves”. Well you sound confident and smart so I’m sure you’ll do fine. We’re thinking of attending the 2018 winter Olympics in S Korea so maybe we’ll meet some day, Good luck. Cheers


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